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QIXIANG “AIRPOLE” fan is very popular for outside barbecue bar

  • 2020-09-12

“AIRPOLE” fan is running at barbecue bar, which gives you a refreshing and comfortable barbecue experience in summer so to say goodbye to the oily smoke and sweating.

“AIRPOLE” is the outdoor series of QIXIANG direct drive PMSSM HVLS fan with advantages of waterproof, maintenance-free, energy-saving, safe and good-looking. The overall shape is high-value umbrella design, can also be designed according to customer needs to create a unique personality, more integrated with the environment, fashion luxury and very modern sense.

“AIRPOLE” fan is widely applied for outdoor square, playground, garden and commercial places. The diameter of the fan can reach more than 5 meters, and the huge propeller rotates blade with great visual impact is unforgettable. Not only can create natural wind, it is also a popular and eye-catching product.

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