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High Volume Low Speed Ceiling Fan Installed in Korean Warehouse

  • 2020-10-06

HVLS ceiling fans are a common industrial machine for space air ventilation and cooling. It can push a large amount of air to the ground, and forms a certain height of the air layer on the ground horizontally moving around, promotes air circulation throughout the space. The advantage of this is caused by the all-round ground coverage and the three-dimensional air circulation.

Widely used in large warehouse, can improve air quality with dehumidification and cooling, prevent storage from rusting, decaying, and improve signally muggy the working environment. The natural breeze blows the human body to improve evaporating sweat and taking heat away, thus to make human body cooling and bring a cooling feeling. Generally, the cooling feeling can reach 3-5℃, then human body feels very cozy and cool.

QIXIANG HVLS ceiling fan is the best choice for large warehouse cooling facility.

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