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Qixiang Celebrate the 100th anniversary of CPC

  • 2021-07-05

Xi Jinping, president of China delivered an important speed at the ceremony of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China presenting the July 1 Medal to outstanding Party members at 10 A.M. on July 29th. We are fortunate to live in this great era and witness the prosperity of our motherland. Lets learn the important speech made by general secretary Xi Jinping to encourage ourselves.

Belief in our heart means strength in our legs.

Looking back at the century struggle of the Communist Party of China, we can see that it is only with firm faith and abiding by its original aspiration that China has become prosperous and powerful today. Following the Party's advice and following its lead, we should learn from the Party's spirit of staying true to its original aspiration and perseverance, working hard at our respective posts and striving to realize our ideals.

The greater the case is, the more challenge there is, and the more it needs to bear responsibility.

The ancients said: "With copper as a mirror, you can dress properly;Take a man as a mirror, you can see the gains and losses.With the ancient mirror, you can know the ups and downs." Throughout the modern history of China, this golden saying is even more important. Over the past 100 years, the Communist Party of China has been committed to fulfilling its original mission. It has led the Chinese people in blazing a great trail and making great achievements. It has written a magnificent chapter in the history of the Chinese nation and human society.

Starting a business is as challenge as building a Party. Yes, it’s true, a great career is always full of challenges and a long way to go. Guangzhou Qixiang Industry Co., Ltd., the founder of Qixiang Industrial HVLS Fan Chairman Shi, founded Qixiang Company in 2006 after difficulties and setbacks, Mr. Shi always adhere to the working way of practical integrity, practical and rigorous, to do a good job in industry as the purpose of business management, leading Qixiang from a small company with 4 employees one computer, to the development of leading company in the industry. While running the business, Mr. Shi never forgets to give back to the society. He has organized employees and good-hearted people to carry out public welfare activities for many times. He is an entrepreneur with a strong sense of social responsibility .Our founder Chairman Shi sticks to the original aspiration, practices the responsibilities and obligations of Party members, and makes contributions to creating prosperity for the society. Our society needs more entrepreneurs with light in their eyes and love in their hearts to build a prosperous future.

This new era is in need of heroes and will surely give birth to heroes.

Born and live in this great new era, we should bear in mind the Party's original aspiration and mission, make unremitting efforts, work hard and overcome difficulties, so as to be worthy of the platform given by the company and the opportunities given by the Times. All of us should do our job well, move forward toward to the second centenary goal and the Chinese dream of great national rejuvenation.

After learning the important speech delivered by General Secretary Xi at the "July 1 Medal" awarding ceremony for the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, I feel very proud as a Chinese. We are lucky to grow up in this great country, and we are really very happy. The victory of our revolution did not come easily, and our happy life did not come easily. That is why we should stay true to our founding mission and keep our mission firmly in mind. We should not be afraid of difficulties, after overcoming the difficulties there will be a promising future. We should put what we learnt into work ideas and problem-solving measures, to make our contributions to the better and faster development of the company.

Happy anniveriry, everyone in the country warmly celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China today, wishing our CPC gets better and better,. We sail on a new journey to start a new chapter.

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